Cargo storage
  • Customs controled cargo storage area
  • Cargo storage inside the warehouse
  • 2000m2 cargo storage area inside the warehouse
  • Cargo storage outside the warehouse
  • Railroad embranchment in the warehouse area
  • Internal height-adjustable ramp
  • Possibility to accept loads from 3 vehicles simultaneously
  • Stored cargo is registered in the company's database by assigning a unique number to each of it
  • 3PL services
Cargo handling

Cargo handling services:

  • (un)loading with equipment such as forklift
  • (un)loading by hands
  • (un)loading with special equipment (crane for example)

We have a possibility to unload & load cargoes of different dimensions, weights, and complexity.

Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage services:

  • Issuing of import declarations (IM)
  • Issuing of export declarations (EX)
  • Issuing of transit declarations (T1)
  • Grant of a comprehensive guarantee under the Community / common transit procedure
  • Issuing paperwork for goods that will be exported
  • Preparation of the manifest / specification of the exported goods, invoices, packing lists
  • Customs clearance of the cargo discrepancies paperwork
  • Issuing of cargo inspection paperwork, preparation of other documents
  • Preparation of the Joint Declaration (BDK)
  • Preparation of the CMR waybill
  • Preparation of the TIR Carnet book
  • Completion and submission of TIR MRN by e. system
  • Representation at customs
  • Execution of an electronic export manifest

Document management:

  • Return of export declarations to the exporter by registered mail
  • Handling and completion of cargo arrival / departure documents (accompanying document), write-off of temporary storage declaration
  • Registration of the EORI code in the customs obligations register
  • Printing documents